Born 1992 in Westchester, NY, the singer-songwriter/guitarist Jonny Parks is an artist of mixed genres. At the early age of 8, Jonny Parks took a liking to musical instruments such as the keyboard and harmonica. It powered Jonny Parks to become a multi-instrumentalist during his teenage years. When he was 16, he began to learn classical guitar which further broadened his musical horizons. The young Jonny Parks worked continuously and strategically on mastering his artistry. After Jonny Parks graduated high school in 2010, he continued his love of music. Jonny became a guitar instructor and worked odd jobs through 2014. Jonny developed a soulful, jazz, r&b and bluesy repertoire of sound and began to train himself vocally. After years of building and molding his style and brand, Jonny Parks released an EP in 2014 titled “Room 327,” in 2015 “DrugFall,” in 2017 “Sidekick Stories” as well as his debut album titled, “The Portia LP.” In 2019, Jonny released his single “St. Lucia,” phenomenally written, composed and produced independently.

Jonny Parks is steadily gaining popularity throughout NYC with multiple radio interviews and live performances at venues such as: Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Desmond’s Tavern, Pianos, Amateur Night at the Apollo, (SOB’s) Sound Of Brazil the New York City location, and more . Jonny is a 2018 graduate from the State University of New York in Purchase (SUNY Purchase) with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Literature. Jonny Parks uses his writing skills to deliver motif and contrast among unique narrative and explosive storytelling with lyrics about love, power, and addiction. Jonny’s pursuit in music will continue to impact the music industry.