no motorcycles on my FloodConscious state of mind. mind you you. I’m. not. Sleep I’m thinking of you and what i can’t do from afar. Now. you got me so gasssed. Oil spiLls help me loosen up the handle barrrrrrr revving and revvingggg. what is real. and what is friction. 0 – 60 in record time. all by thinking of you and what i can do from so far. what it sounds likeee when disposable doves cry and fall by my pajama. bottom’s. pocket. gone and always forgotten. 3am and time to put the kickstand on lock. but i cannot SLEep and and seem to be in an end;less loop of astral week-s. dreaming and fading in and out of you. the way young lovers do. it’s been wEeks since i’ve been THis weakk. but i can’t. Sleep And this thought of you has never been new. you you. only allowed to be my muse. for a dream. or when i want to blow. Off. some. steam. but my grip on this is never enough. please. dream with me as i clutch and clutch. The sheets. pull over my still-lifeless body. but i somehow continyouu to touch.

– from ‘LovePremise’ the magazine by Jonny Parks (coming soon)

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