jonny_parks: real talk: in this past year alone, I’ve realized that evolving as an artist is necessary to grow on both a personal and musical level (and obvi vice versa). The very last song I wrote on my 2017 album, “The Portia LP” (“Reprise From Heaven”), I was set in what direction I wanted to go in moving forward (for those who’ve ever listened to the album, most of the songs were written in 2015). Revisiting the album nearly a year later to the date, I’ve realized that the story and music are both sonically dope, but the writing to my standards now doesn’t have that gritty personable depth that I’ve been striving for. I look at it like the movies Limitless & Lucy… I just haven’t unlocked that portion of my ability (brain) just yet, but I think I’m getting there each year (“Take Away”, “Lights”, “Foolish” cover?). Of course, experiences are key too. stay striving and unlock that portion in whatever it is that you do, y’all 💯💸

ps I tried to be clever with the pic tho 🤷🏽‍♂️ all music out now on your fav streaming service *except “foolish at 3am”

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